Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cash Crate Review

bnr_crate185x100-1I just want to share a site called CASH CRATE that I have found to be legitimate as far as making money online goes. This is the best way to earn extra money on the Internet with NO startup cost or investment!CASH CRATE is a program that pays for completing surveys and offers. It is one of the most known and best paying of it’s kind.

This program is FLEXIBLE and can be worked into your personal schedule. And with economic prices getting higher, I searched for an opportunity to make some extra income to help balance some of the bills and expenses. I’m a busy student and this site is really flexible in that you can put as much work as you want into it and you’ll reap the rewards. Now, I know that you are fully aware just as much as I am of the scams online about making money. Yes, it’s true…most of these get-rich-quick schemes are scams. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme by any stretch of imagination. This site will basically help you make additional part-time income online. If that is your goal then read on.

I joined CASH CRATE on April 8th, 2008. I made almost $40 without doing much work because I just wanted to test the site…to see if it was LEGIT and if I would actually get paid.

Below is a description about the GPT (Get-Paid-To) program called CASH CRATE. Cash Crate makes their money because companies pay them to have us take surveys and try out products and services. When the companies pay Cash Crate, Cash Crate passes 75% of that money back to us; it’s a win-win situation.

Is CASH CRATE a scam?
No, Cash Crate is not a scam. Once you join, you have access to their forum, where you can see hundreds of payment proofs from users getting from $100 to $500+ each month! Check out these payment proofs on the CASH CRATE Forums . (You will have to sign-up for the CASH CRATE forum to view the 78 page thread, don't worry registration to the forums is free and easy). Here’s a link to a picture of Amy Bass’s Cash Crate check for $1,855.84!

If you want to join Cash Crate right away, then CLICK HERE if you’d like to know more about Cash Crate before joining, then read the review below and it will guide you through the whole Cash Crate system!

Getting Started
Once you sign up with CASH CRATE you’ll need to start by clicking “Complete Offers” at the top of the page. You’ll see a list of hundreds of offers and surveys to complete. On the top of the list, there’s a sort box and 3 tabs. You can choose to do offers to get money (Cash Offers), points (Point Offers) or to complete the Daily Survey. Offers are automatically sorted by their rating. The rating system at Cash Crate helps you find offers that have the highest chance of paying out quickly, so you’re going to want to complete them first. If you want to get points, to then exchange them with items in their Prize Shop, click the Point Offers tab, and complete the offers that list below. If you want to make money, I suggest you first complete the Daily Survey everyday, which will get you an extra $24 each month (30 x $0.80). I’m going to start with telling about the Cash Offers because they will get you most of your money. I recommend doing the 100% free offers, meaning there is no reason to ever use your credit card or bank information. You don’t have to pay anything with 100% free offers.

CASH CRATE Offers and Surveys

Now you have a list of free offers ready to be completed. You have a link to the offer, an offer’s description; it’s value, and a Submit button. Start by clicking the offer’s link, and doing what the offer’s description says. Once you’ve done what it is needed to complete the offer, click the submit button, so the system moves the offer to your pending list. A pending list is a list with offers that wait to be verified by CASH CRATE staff. Once they verify that you completed the survey/offer, they’ll credit you with the money. You’ll see how much money is pending at the top of the page under “Pending earnings”. Some offers take longer to verify than others. It may take from an hour to a week or more, so just complete many offers, and they’ll eventually be verified and collected under your “Earned earnings”. By sorting the offers by “Rating”, it should list the best offers at the top (meaning the offers that verify very quickly, within minutes or pays very well). If you would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete offers correctly please join Cash Crate here and send me a message under the message center and I’ll be happy to help you. Basically all you are doing is filling out the same information that is the same over and over, and if your browser is set to remember your typed in info, then often the first letter of my name or number of my address triggers the browser to show my the information, which can then just be clicked into place. I recommend Roboform (download it for free), which will help you fill out forms a lot faster.

CASH CRATE referral system
Even if you make enough money just by completing offers and surveys, Cash Crate has a very good referral system available. If you get enough referrals, Cash Crate will bring you some additional money. You can see your current referral statistics by clicking on the “Referral Info” link at the top, once you’ve logged into the site. I try to help my referrals out as much as I can. Join and send me a message (under the messages tab) with your questions, I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

Tips and Tricks- Earn More Efficiently and Effectively
-Sign up for a new email address to use for the offers you complete so that you don’t get spam email to your primary email address. They are advertisers so you will get sent a lot of spam. Direct Cash Crate related emails and confirmations to your primary email account and enter a secondary email address for surveys and free offers.

- I would highly suggest reading the forums; there is a lot of useful information from some ‘seasoned’ Cash Craters.

- Clear your cookies every time you complete an offer if you have trouble with your offers not confirming. Some offers are from the same companies, and they will stop confirming if the same person does too many of them. So just use a different email address)

-Complete the offer! A lot of offers will have a confirmation screen saying “thank you” or "congratulations" somewhere on the page, look for it. Once you have reached that page, you’re done with the offer and you can submit it. Please look at this link for a step-by-step tutorial on completing offers effectively.

- Read the offer descriptions. Cash Crate tells you right up front what each offer pays and what is required to be paid. Often the offer will say something like “complete the first two pages.” Use this information and do exactly what it is necessary and then move on to the next offer. Often when the screen says “thank you”, that means you’re done. You don’t have to keep going.

- Check for email confirmations of some offers. You won’t receive credit if you don’t click the confirmation link in the email the send you. More times that not, these emails get sent to the spam folder, so check it.

- If you’re taking a survey and notice that you “don’t qualify” then try again, you will eventually qualify. Also, you’ll notice as you do enough surveys that you can pretty much guess what the qualifications are for a survey and answer them accordingly, this method takes a bit of trial and error, but it won’t be long before you start “qualifying” for every survey.

- If you would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete offers correctly please join Cash Crate here and send me a message under the message center and I’ll be happy to help you.

Cash Crate FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for participation?
You must be atleast 13 years old. Members from the United States and other English speaking countries will have the most offers available to them, but members from other countries are welcome as well.

How much can I make?
How much you can make is dependent on a few things such as what country you're from and how much time you're willing to devote to making money. As it is, most members have the opportunity to make more than a thousand dollars!

When do I get paid?
Users who meet our minimum payout (only $10!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month So, if you earn $250 in June, you'll get paid in mid-July.

How does the referral program work?
The referral program has two levels. You get paid 20% of what your direct referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. Members can make hundreds a month just by referring other members to our free program!

What's the best way to get started?
After you sign-up, you'll be presented with a short message on how to complete offers along with a "fast-track", which is a list offers which you should complete right away because they are high paying and take little time to complete.

It’s possible to make a lot more than I initially made but I’m a skeptic at heart so I did not put a lot of time into completing offers. I just wanted to get passed the minimum $10 cash out and wait for the check to roll in. CASH CRATE is reputable!

A couple of things I learned so far were that you need to complete the whole survey or offer until you get to the point where you are asked to spend money before continuing. If you get to a page that says “silver offers or gold offers”, open the offers for a minute or so (you don’t actually have to complete them) and then close the page. Don’t get discouraged. It is somewhat of a learning curve that you have to get over to get a momentum going but it is worth it. Once you understand how to complete offers correctly, you’ll be able to go through them much faster. Also there are so very helpful people on the forums who post what offers confirm for them so you have a head start to knowing which offers to complete first.

Most important to me is that the site is really worth your time for the amount of money you can make on your own without referrals. I only did the free offers, although there was some trial offers that I would have liked to try. You have to be very organized and remember to cancel before the trial is up. Although the trial offers pay a lot more, you don’t have to deal with the trial offers at all to earn money. There is a very special feature on Cash Crate called the daily survey. The daily survey allows you to complete two surveys each day worth .80 cents each. If you did at least one a day, that’s $24 a month, which is well over the minimum payout. If you ONLY did the daily surveys, you’d easily reach payout.

You do not have to request a payout, once you are at $10.00 or more, you will automatically get a check sent to you. So make sure you sign up with your correct name and address.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that you can get rich from this program, but you can make a nice supplemental part-time income doing nothing but 100% free offers and a few surveys. The amount of money that you earn at Cash Crate is totally up to you. You can make the minimum of $10.00 or up to a few hundred dollars a month. If you want to make it into the big leagues, you’re going to have to do some recruiting by referring others. CASH CRATE is an online program that pays you for the time and effort that you put into it. Once you reach a $10.00 payout, which can be done in less than a day, a monthly check will be sent to your home. Cash Crate pays out on a monthly basis via check. Earnings gained in May are paid in Mid-June, while earnings accrued in June are paid in Mid-July. Cash Crate has been around a long time and has a good reputation for paying its members.

So as you can see, CASH CRATE is a super easy and free way to easily and quickly make some nice extra spending money while you have a few minutes or while the kids are napping. I’ve enjoyed Cash Crate. It is an easy way to quickly make some extra money in your spare time.