Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are Online Paid Surveys Scams? MySurvey Review

Are Online Paid Surveys Scams?
Contrary to popular belief, not all online surveys are scams. I have been paid and they are a easy work at home opportunity readily available. Anyone can do them and they are flexible. View the YouTube video above for a quick tutorial of MySurvey.com

I really love this survey site! MySurvey.com is one of the few online survey companies that actually rewards members for screening questions. You will generally receive ten to twenty points for the screening questions that will take a couple minutes of your time. The screening questions will determine whether you are invited to complete the entire survey. Additional points will be given depending on the length of the survey. You will always be told up-front how many points you can earn by completing the survey.

MySurvey will occasionally send you products to test. When you receive the product, it will come with instructions on how you should use the product. Later, you will receive an email invitation where you will give your opinions of the product in exchange for points. On occasion, you will also receive surveys via postal mail, which you can complete for cash or points.

MySurvey.com offers various ways to pay its members for their services. You must visit the Rewards section of the site to redeem your points if you prefer prizes. With only 25 points, you can purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win a large gift certificate or other prize. When you have accumulated 1000 points, you can redeem for a check. 1000 points equates to $10.00. It's not hard to reach 1000 because the screener surveys often lead to another survey offering 100-500 points! MySurvey also offers an option to donate your points to charity or redeem for various prizes listed on the website. Unlike many survey companies that take forever to pay, MySurvey sends payments and prizes soon after members redeem.

Doing online surveys for any company will not make you rich. The money you make will be based upon your demographics. To maximize the amount of money you can earn, research other companies and sign up with legitimate ones. Click the banner below to join.